Environmental knowledge mentioned in Puranas and Hindu scriptures


Environmental knowledge mentioned in Puranas and Hindu scriptures
  • 🥦🎍Environmental knowledge mentioned in Puranas and Hindu scriptures*
    *👉 One step well is equal to 10 wells, one pond is equal to 10 step wells, one son is equal to 10 ponds and one tree is equal to 10 sons.*
    *👉 Trees planted in life are received as children in the next birth. (Vishnu Dharmasutra 19/4)*
    *👉 The person who plants one Peepal or Neem or Banyan tree, 10 Chinchidi (Tamarind) trees, three Kapith or Bilva or Amla trees and five Mango trees, *gets free from all sins. (Bhavishy Puran)*
    *👉 All the wishes of the person who plants trees are fulfilled.*
    *👉 According to the scriptures, planting a Peepal tree brings children.*
    *👉 Planting an Ashoka tree does not cause grief.*
    *👉 Planting a Pakkad tree gives one great knowledge.*
    *👉 Planting a Bilvpatra tree gives a long life.*
    *👉 Planting a Banyan tree gives salvation.*
    *👉 Planting a Mango tree fulfills one’s wishes.*
    *👉 Planting a Kadamba tree brings abundant wealth.*
    According to the ancient Indian system of medicine, there is no plant on earth that is not a medicine.
    There is a beautiful verse in the Skanda Puran-
    Ashwatthamekam Pichumandamekam
    Nyagrodhmekam Dash Chinchinikan.
    Kapitthabilvaa Malakatrayancha Panchaamruptvaa Narakanna Pashyet.

Ashvatthah = Peepal (absorbs 100% carbon dioxide)
Pichumandah = Neem (absorbs 80% carbon dioxide)
Nyagrodhah = Banyan tree (absorbs 80% carbon dioxide)
Chinchini = Tamarind (absorbs 80% carbon dioxide)
Kapitthah = Kavit (absorbs 80% carbon dioxide)
Bilvah = Bel (absorbs 85% carbon dioxide)
Amalakah = Amla (absorbs 74% carbon dioxide)
Amraah = Mango (absorbs 70% carbon dioxide)
(Upti = Planting a tree)
Meaning — Whoever plants the saplings of these trees and takes care of them will not have to see hell. *Due to not following this teaching, we are seeing hell in the form of this situation today.*
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Nothing is wrong yet, we can still correct our mistake.


Trees like Gulmohar, Nilgiri are harmful for the environment of our country.

By blindly imitating the western countries, we have caused great harm to ourselves.

Drought problem is increasing due to stoppage of planting of trees like Peepal, Bud and Neem.

All these trees increase the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere and also reduce the temperature of the earth.

Considering the tradition of worshipping these trees as superstition, we started planting eucalyptus (Nilgiri) trees on both sides of the road by keeping distance from these trees in the name of quick culture. Eucalyptus grows quickly but these trees are planted to dry the marshy land. The water level of the earth decreases due to these trees. In the last 40 years, the environment has been damaged by planting eucalyptus trees in abundance.

In the scriptures, Peepal has been called the king of trees.

Moole Brahma Skin Vishnu Shakha Shankarmevach.

Patre Patre Sarvadevayaam Vriksh Raagyo Namostute.

Meaning- The tree in whose root resides Brahma Ji, on the trunk resides Shri Hari Vishnu Ji, on the branches resides Dev Adi Dev Mahadev Lord Shankar Ji and on each leaf of that tree resides all the gods, salutations to the king of such trees, Peepal.

In the coming years, if one Peepal, Banyan, Neem etc. tree is planted at an interval of every 500 meters, only then our country India will be pollution free.

Tulsi plants will have to be planted in homes.

Only with our organized efforts can we save our “India” from natural disasters.

There is a need to start a campaign from today itself to get natural oxygen in abundance in the future.

*Let us try to give a healthy and “sujlaan sufaalan environment” to the coming generation by planting trees like Peepal, Banyan, Bel, Neem, Amla and Mango etc.*



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